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    • School Experience

      • "My experience SO FAR at St Martin's College- While I was very apprehensive before I started year 6, I soon overcame my fears and settled in to my new surroundings. Within a few weeks, Chiswick House School was just a happy memory. St Martin's is much bigger, busier and always bursting with activity. The classrooms are modern; the teachers are demanding but fun and I mostly enjoy participating in break time fairs, the Langfest, the Junior Chef course and several other organised activities. This year I joined the drama trip and spent a week in London. What an amazing experience. Roll on next year."

      Michaela Ellul - Level 7      

    • Dear Mr Abela

      I am pleased to inform you that my A level results from the UK Examination Boards have come out and I have achieved an A* in Chemistry, A in Biology and A in Maths. I have, as a result, obtained a place to study Medicine at Queen Mary's University, London starting September 2014.

      I would like to thank you and all the staff at St Martin's for the wonderful support I was given over the past year. The teaching provided by my teachers was excellent and I also appreciate the extra effort they put into assisting me where my syllabus differed from the Matsec syllabus. Teachers and administrative staff all did their best to help me adjust to living and studying in Malta. I shall forever cherish my memories of studying at St Martin's.


      Please extend my thanks to all my teachers and supporting staff.

      Yours sincerely

      Tiffanie Marie Borg

      (ex-Year 13 student)

    • "When I returned back to Malta I was scared to join SMC but my old friends from Chiswick House School made me feel like I had never left. The school itself is amazing. I think it has excellent education and the best teachers. I hope to stay here for a long time to come."

      Matjaz Fras - Level 7

    • School was fun, it wasn't dull.

      Always bright with delight,

      Level 8 was so great.

      If only I could do it again and again. 

      SMC Student

    • "Level 8 became a family in just a few months. It was inspiring to learn about our plan for the future and preparing us for Senior School. It was easy to pick our options with all the help from the teachers motivating us."

      Faye Tabone - Level 8

    • "When I first arrived at SMC I was worried that I would have a hard time fitting in. However, I have a great group of friends and I have become closer to the other students in my class. The teachers at SMC are very helpful and kind. Due to this, I enjoy lessons at school, as the teachers are understanding and make the students feel comfortable. My favourite lesson would have to be drama, as it is a subject I'm interested in, and our drama teacher comes up with unique ways to make our drama lessons more interesting. Overall, my experience at SMC is very good and I've already learnt a lot."

      Anne Grima - Level 7

    • "Every morning I'm eager to arrive at school on time to meet my friends. It's a great start to the day and gives me enough energy to face the lessons ahead! Even though the lessons tend to be mostly about work, there are times of fun too. Thanks to the caring and loving support of my teachers and friends. I never thought I'd come to love SMC as much as I do!"

      Philippa Galea Salomone - Level 9

    • A little toddler I was 

      at the front gate I paused, 

      "where am I?" I thought....  Read more....

      Matthias Ellul - Level 5

    • the final day arrives, we will realise that those were the best days of our lives!!  Read more....

      Jasmine Zarb - Level 5

    • The last days of school

      It won't be that cool.

      A lot of tears

      And memories of all the years.....  Read more....

      Matteo Di Luzio - Level 5

    • ...Throughout the time we had a ball,

      We laughed, we sang, we danced, we jumped...  Read more....

      Leah Said - Level 5

    • ...I loved all my teachers. I had lots of friends. I'm looking forward to my next journey...  Read more....

      Sarah Bugeja - Level 5