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    • Testimonial

      Dear Ms. Anita, Dear Mr. Patrick, 

      My two sons, Moritz and Jonas, have spent one year in J5 and J4 respectively - now it is time for us to go back to Austria, as was originally intended. I would like you to know that this year in Malta was a complete success for us, thoroughly enjoyable, and a very positive experience - not only for us parents, but also for the boys. They came here, not knowing anybody and hardly knowing the English language. Now, they have close friends and are fluent.

      The fact that our year here was so successful is, to a large extent, attributable to CHS, to the international programme, and to the class teachers. Ms. Maria (J5) and Ms. Celia (J4), each in her own way, wonderfully lead the class, academically and socially. From the very first day they managed to make the boys fell appreciated and understood. Moritz and Jonas always enjoyed going to school, and they learned a lot. Also the international programme, with EFL as a core element, enriched with counselling and support, was extremely helpful. Ms Gillian is a caring teacher who takes into consideration the very different levels of English in her EFL classes. 

      To make a long story short: I already had the opportunity to express my thanks to Ms. Maria, Ms. Celia, and Ms. Gillian. I also would like to thank you as the school leaders for providing strategic consideration, infrastructure and support to the school, and to international families needs.

      Best regards, 

      Eva Eberhartinger