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      "Attending Saint Martin's College has been a great experience for William*, and I know he has enjoyed his time at school here in Malta.  Everyone on staff has been wonderful to both William and myself, and the teachers have been really fantastic as well %u2010 they truly appreciated him for who he was.  They didn't try to stifle his creativity or his sense of humour. I also really appreciate the consideration for his issues with ADD, and will miss the benefits and philosophy of Saint Martin's compared to U.S. schools he's attended in the past.  I am so grateful to have found such a wonderful school as yours. I feel we have been very fortunate to encounter life abroad, and our family has enjoyed getting to know the Maltese people and learning about the culture of Malta.  We would really like to thank everyone at Saint Martin's College for helping to make this such an amazing experience for all of us!  Thank you!"

      *Name has been changed