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      Dear Ms Bernie,

      My daughter Valentina is now in Level 9 and  is being prepared academically for the Matsec syllabus at St. Martin's College.  I have just been to the school and met with each of her teachers, for all subjects, on Parents day. I felt compelled to write to you to express my great satisfaction, and indeed delight, at the attention and care my daughter is receiving at school.  Each teacher, even those who are teaching her for the first time this year, showed an understanding of her as a person, not just as a student.  They are fully aware of her abilities, her character and her potential.  Considering the number of students these teachers work with on a daily basis, I am impressed by their individual attention and understanding, of each student.

      I also had the opportunity to meet with your headmaster, Mr. Padovani, to discuss a specific issue regarding my daughters academic syllabus.  I was given time and attention and a solution in the best interests of my daughter on a scholastic level. This constructive approach was given to me across the board and I can only say that it is highly commendable.

      Valentina has made the transition from CHS and to SMC very smoothly.  CHS gave her solid academic foundations and for her, it was home from home.  She has wonderful memories of her early years there.  Now that she is in senior school she continues to receive the highest standard of education together with a caring personal approach from all your team there.  Maintaining such an all-round high standard requires hard work and dedication and I feel this deserves due praise.

      Through their efforts I am confident that Valentina is being given every opportunity to further her academic qualifications in an environment which nourishes her individuality and, as far as I am concerned, that is the best education that she can get.


      So, thank you.


      Best regards, 

      Simone Azzopardi