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      Dear Mr Tabone 

      I believe we have met briefly once this year but I am sure you meet parents on daily basis.  

      My name is John Faley, I am Harriet Faley (KG2 Miss Marthese) and Esme Faley's (reception Miss Karen) father.  

      We moved to Malta in September last year and we were advised to either enrol our two girls in Chiswick House and Verdala. After asking and talking to a lot of people in Malta including Miss Roberta, we were very happy and confident that Chiswick was the right place for our girls to attend. Previously Harriet was attending a very well respected school from an academics perspective in Ireland call Mount Anville in Dublin.  

      Our expectations were that if we could find something close to Mount Anville in Malta, our girls would thrive. I believe that Chiswick matches Mount Anville and more in most respects.  

      Another concern we had as expats moving to a foreign country was our daughters' ability to adapt to their new surroundings and fit in with the local culture and people. If I am to be honest, this was probably our greatest concern. Harriet our eldest daughter is a lovely, generous, caring and smart little girl but she is very sensitive and sometimes a worrier.  

      From the first day our girls entered Chiswick, we were astounded by the love, attention and dedication given to make our girls feel at home. I understand the school has quite a few expat students but to be honest we were expecting a very hard year in terms of adjustment. It has made our adjustment to life in Malta so much easier and quicker, knowing that our girls are in such good hands.  

      To give you one example, one of many:  

      One day I was called because our youngest daughter Esme was sick. At the front door of the school, I was greeted by a lady who recognised who I was immediately (I don't know how) and she informed me that Esme was not feeling well but not too worry. As I was walking down the hall towards her class, another lady (I believe it was Anita, who I didn't know at the time) said the same to me. Once again when I reached her class, Miss Karen reassured me. As a parent who would move mountains for his kids, this is so important to know that my children are in safe and responsible hands during the school day. If I am to very honest, I was blown away by the caring nature and the amount of people that knew that my daughter was not feeling well and that I was coming to collect her. Just amazing, I have never experienced anything like this before, even at schools where the fees are considerably higher.  

      In particular, given that the school year is coming to an end, I would like to bring to your attention the affection and appreciation we have for one teacher in particular, Miss Marthese. It is not very often that you find a teacher who is so caring, loving and to us an absolute joy to deal with on a day to day basis. Our daughter Harriet adores her so much and she really plays a big role in her life. We could not have asked for a better teacher for Harriet to make the transition to a new country. I am a firm believer in credit where credit is due and we are so appreciative that we have had the opportunity to get to know her over the last year.  

      In closing, our girls are looking forward to summer school tremendously and moving into Junior one and KG1. Thanks for everything and please pass on my appreciation to the teachers. Without them, our year could have been terribly different.  

      Have a lovely summer and I look forward to seeing you soon.  

      Best Regards 

      John Faley