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    • Testimonial

      Good morning, 

      Thanks for the newsletter - lots of wonderful achievements: Well done. I can't believe this is Adam's last year at CHS! While we look forward to new adventures and opportunities at SMC, we will certainly miss our beloved CHS.

      I wanted to say 'well done' in particular for the teachers' panto which Adam loved. What a great idea.

      CHS has been a joyful experience for us from Kindergarten 1 to date. 

      We love the warm, welcoming and nurturing environment, the genuine care and concern for the children and all the opportunities to learn and grow. And things like the teachers' panto just add to that!

      I am happy to be a 'CHS ambassador' with friends and acquaintances. I shall always cherish Adam's time at the school. 

      He is loving Level 5 - many thanks, Ms Krista. I know he is enjoying the topics being covered and that he is very much looking forward to starting the Lego robotics work when he starts this year's Design and Technology class!


      Thank you all for the work you do,

      Angelica Micallef Trigona