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    • Testimonial

      Dear Mr Padovani,

      We wanted to take the time to personally thank you and your staff for an extremely successful and positive first year, for us as parents and also for both my children. 

      Normally, the first year is the toughest and most stressful for the whole family; not only because of the change in the school system and the language but also because of the cultural shock and the social implications on us all. But both of my children have passed and both of them have made extremely good friends. This is largely due to you and your team, (teachers & secretaries included) who have been so incredible understanding and supportive, always ready to listen and to accommodate us and our specificities, which caused this transition to be motivating, encouraging and exceptionally smooth. Thank you so very very much. 

      But our real gratitude that we would like to express is directly directed to you Mr Padovani, for your incredible support, flexibility, and understanding that you showed to us in general. You have always been there for us, with sincerity, and you have on each occasion reacted as quick as you can and as best as you can: that is a very rare and precious quality! We have been to a couple of countries, and we have seen 4 systems, each one very different than the other.  But although St Martins College is known to be of a high standard, and I can vouch for that too, the staff and children are all gentle, polite, and hardworking. There is a real willingness to perform well, and a universal collaboration to bring out the best in each child. 

      So, once again thank you for this past year, and may next year be the same. 

      Know that you can contact us whenever you wish: no matter will be to small or to big.


      Mr and Mrs Seraqui de Buttafoco.