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    • A Trialogue of Cultures: job shadowing experience in Giessen Germany

      Scholastic Year 2016 - 2017

    • Job Shadowing Experience

    • Members of staff from St Martin's College travelled to Giessen, Germany as part of an Erasmus + funded job shadowing experience. Teaching staff from the Humanities, Foreign Languages and English Departments enjoyed a rewarding and insightful experience observing classes and sharing ideas with the educators at Ricarda-Huch Schule. They discussed the core values adopted by the school in fostering an atmosphere of tolerance and awareness among the different cultures present in the school. The highlight of the visit was the Culture Day organised by the school, an event co-ordinated by students and educators alike and centred around one topic: the global food culture. 

      St Martin's College teachers engaged in fruitful discussions centred on the methodologies used in implementing effective teaching strategies and a cross-curricular approach. They observed students who were involved in various projects in relation to the food culture of different countries, as the topic was explored through an interdisciplinary approach to enhance cross-curricular and intercultural learning. 

      This experience proved to be professionally rewarding and enhancing for all educators involved.