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    • SMC Sixth Form News

    • Junior Achievement (Young Enterprise) Malta

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form - Mini European Assembly
    • WELL DONE to Gear and Mavericks, our two teams who took part in this year's Young Enterprise Competition.

      CONGRATULATIONS to team MAVERICKS for winning the Best Business Plan award.

    • Career Guidance Programme

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form
    • As part of the Career Guidance Programme at Sixth Form the following activities were held:

      Mock Interview Sessions 

      As a follow up to the Interview Skills presentation by Domain Group all L12 students attended to mock interviews over two days. 

      These were followed by a feedback session during which students were given an individual feedback report with tips and suggestions on how to improve their interview skills.

      Preparing a presentation 

      L12 students taking Accounts, Economics and Marketing at Advanced level were invited to Deloitte offices. Students were given very important tips on how to prepare an effective and professional presentation by one of Deloitte's marketing managers.

      As a follow up the students worked in teams to prepare a presentation and also had the opportunity to present the final product to their friends in order to share ideas and give feedback for improvement.

    • Spanish Students

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form
    • St Martin's College Sixth Form recently welcomed five Spanish students from STUCOM Centre D'Estudis, Barcelona, who participated in a number of lectures over two days.  It was an exciting and memorable experience that provided a platform for all the students involved to communicate and increase their global knowledge. 

    • Alumni Faculty of Medicine

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form Alumni
    • At St Martin's College Sixth Form we are incredibly proud of the success of our talented alumni. We welcome visits by our past students and enjoy hearing the stories that they bring with them, as well as the impact that St Martin's College Sixth Form has had on developing their opportunities for successful career paths. We were recently contacted by five of our 2013-2015 students who are now in their first year of studies in the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. 

      Congratulations Luke Borg, Zakaria El Hadi, Fatma Kablan, Renee Erasmi, and Bianca Montebello!

    • English Speaking Union's Debating Academy

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form students
    • Seven first year sixth form students participated in the English Speaking Union's Annual Debating Academy that was held at Din L-Art Helwa in Valletta between the 8th and 10th of April.

      The Academy consisted of  various workshops and activities which provided students with a solid grounding in debating, allowing them to hone their argumentation skills. On the final day, students displayed the strategies and techniques they acquired in a series of engaging debates on topics ranging from hunting to cultural assimilation. 

      "The experience has helped me improve my critical thinking and has allowed me to grow in confidence but most of all, it has left me with fone memories that I will most definitely cherish." (Ivana Kenkovski)

      A big thank you to Ms Rowena Farrugia for her support.

    • Interview Skills by Domain Group

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form students
    • As part of the careers guidance programme, all first year students attended a presentation about Interview skills given by the HR manager of Domain Group. Some of the topics discussed were cv writing, the cover letter, choice of attire and the importance of remote preparation and research prior to the interview.

      This activity will be followed by two half days of mock interview sessions later on this month, during which all students will have the opportunity to attend an interview in order to practice the skills discussed during the presentation.

    • Open Evening

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form students
    • Another successful open evening was recently held. Prospective students and their parents were able to meet up with lecturers and our Career Path Adviser to enquire about subject choices. For further information on our Sixth Form kindly email

    • Euroscola Strasbourg 2016

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form - Euroscola
    • Harry Bruce

      "This year's trip to Strasbourg for Euroscola was an absolutely amazing experience.  It allowed us to learn, understand and experience how the European Parliament operates.  It also gave us all the chance to listen to the views of other participants.  The initial talk with employees of the European Parliament was very interesting and provided us with an insight of what the members of parliament are currently discussing and what their goals for the future are.  Apart from the Euroscola day we also visited the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights.  We learnt about the functions of these two institutions and met a Maltese lawyer who works at the ECHU.   We were also able to visit many of Strasbourg's landmarks, such as the Cathedral and the Parc de l'Orangerie.  I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone interested in either European affairs or Europe in general as it is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

      Ella Sultana

      "The time spent in the European Parliament was indeed very interesting and I especially enjoyed interacting with people of different nationalities."

      Gabriella Muscat

      "We visited the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights where we had the opportunity to discuss a number of issues.  This helped us to become more aware and conscious of our rights and duties, as well as to understand the situation in not only our country but also in other countries within the European Union."

      Enrico Monti

      "It was an incredibly emotional experience to deliver a speech about Malta in front of an audience of around 500 students from all over all Europe."

      Julia Depasquale

      "Apart from getting to know my school friends better, I met many students from different countries at the Euroscola event.  They travelled to Strasbourg from countries like Slovenia, Slovakia, Greece and many more.  I also heard about some issues which other countries face.  This made me realise the different approaches that may be taken to solve specific issues.  I particularly enjoyed hearing them conversing in different languages.  I am so glad to have made the most of the opportunity to visit the European Parliament and to understand how the MEPs conduct their meetings."

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    • Ernst and Young Presentation

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form - EY visit
    • L12 students taking Accounts and Economics at Advanced Level, attended a talk given by EY. The students were given detailed information about the ACCA programme as well as about the summer internship programme offered by EY.

    • Visit to University of Malta

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form - University visit
    • L11 and L12 students attended a talk given by the Students' Advisory Services at University of Malta. Mr Noel Caruana gave detailed information about the Matriculation Certificate and special course requirements with special attention to the new regulations of the MTL (Masters in Teaching and Learning) degree.

      The students were also given the opportunity to ask questions about specific courses.

    • PWC Presentation

    • L12 students taking Accounts at Advanced Level, attended a talk about the CAREER DEAL programme being offered by PWC. They were informed about the advantages of taking part in a student internship programme while being a University student and were also briefed about the importance of work ethics such as client relationships, sharing and collaborating.

    • Sixth Form Sports Fest

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form - Sports Fest
    • Sixth Form students participated in their annual sports festival which was organised at the end of December. The students took part in several sports activities together with a number of fifth form students as well as staff.  The programme consisted of a number of races as well as tournaments. The aim of the event is to promote a positive experience of sport and physical activity, especially to those in school who might not be part of sports teams and clubs.

      Well done to the organisers of this event as well as to all participants.  

    • Paintball

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form - Paintball
    • As part of their Christmas festivities sixth formers enjoyed a fun day paintballing. 

    • Sixth Form students awarded by the Malta Olympic Committee

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form - Students awarded
    • Three SMC Sixth Form students were recently awarded by the Malta Olympic Committee.

      (Left to right) James Gambin and Luke Calleja formed part of the Waterpolo team which qualified to participate in the European Games in Baku, Azerbajan in June 2015. Whilst Gianluca Azzopardi Spiteri placed first in the 10m Air Rifle Junior Competition and also placed third in the Scottish Open Competition.

      Well done to all!

    • Careers Guidance Activities

      Mock interviews sessions at Deloitte

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form - Mini European Assembly
    • Level 13 Accounts and Economics students were given the opportunity to attend a Mock Interview session at Deloitte offices. Prior to the activity the students were given tips on 'How to ace an interview'. This was followed by a tour of the different departments as well as a Q&A session with two junior managers.

      The students all agreed that this opportunity provided them with very useful information which will certainly come in handy in future 'real' interview experiences.

    • Talk: St Martin's Institute 

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form - Mini European Assembly
    • Level 12 Accounts, Economics and Computing students attended a talk given by one of the Directors from the London School of Economics and Political Science. The students were given information about UK diploma and degree courses in Business, Finance, Entrepreneurship and Computing held at St Martin's Institute of Higher Education (SMI); a private, licensed Institution in the territory sector here in Malta and an Affiliate Centre of the University of London.  

    • Sixth Form student council

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form - Mini European Assembly
    • (Left to right) Philippa Attard, Timmy Aquilina, Thomas Bonello, Mark Caruana and Maxine Pace were elected to represent our Sixth Form student council. Well done and good luck to the new team!