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    • Cambridge Immerse Scholarship Winner

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form - Cambridge scholarship winner
    • Last June the school I attend, St Martin's College Sixth Form, announced a scholarship for the Cambridge Immerse experience aimed at students sitting for their first year annual exams.  I was thrilled to have won this, which entailed travelling to Cambridge in England for a two-week course in an area that complements the subjects we study at Advanced level.  I chose the English Literature course.  

      All we had to do was have an excellent attendance record, write a motivational letter, perform well in an interview and obtain high grades in our end of year exams. Sounds easy right? WRONG.  It took so much effort throughout the whole school year to get out of bed some days, let alone maintain perfect attendance. However, after many 'doing-homework-past-midnight' nights and amass of revision, the school year was over before I knew it, the letter of motivation submitted, and my annual examinations were done and dusted.

      On the 6th of August 2017, I waved goodbye to my family and friends as I embarked on the greatest journey of my life.  Not only would I be studying in one of the world's leading universities on scholarship, but I was doing so all on my own. Upon arrival at Cambridge, I could not help but stand awe-stricken by the scenic landscape - it was postcard-perfect.   Queens' College, where I was staying, was located in the heart of Cambridge and undoubtedly had the best view of the river Cam, so much so that it actually flowed through the College, and to get from one side to the other, one would have to cross the famous 'Mathematical Bridge'. The international participants attending the programme were immediately very welcoming and the staff were quick to showcase their great sense of organisation when allocating rooms and conducting activities, providing me with a sense of security.  The intensity of the course was evident from the moment I stepped out of my room. I was instantly sucked into a whirlwind of ice-breaking games and trying oh-so-hard to remember everyone's names in their respective languages. It was only the first day and I was already having such an enjoyable time, but the fun really started on the second day, when our lectures commenced. 

      Our lecturer, a soon-to-be Cambridge doctorate graduate, introduced himself and stressed that we address him as 'Alex.  Not 'Mr.Wright', nor 'Mr.Alex', neither 'sir'.  Just Alex.' He emphasised this to make us feel as if we were working alongside him rather than being taught by him.  Thus, the intense English Literature course began and saw my class of ten delving into a wide variety of texts.  From Milton's 'Paradise Lost' to Homer's 'Ilyiad', the vast world of English literature suddenly became so much more appealing. The lecture on the art of rhetoric and its use throughout the ages was the most engaging, since a debate between the class took place with the topic 'Should Literature be taught in schools?' The most fascinating authors in my personal opinion were Alexander Pope and the Romantics, namely Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Blake, since Pope's 'Dunciad', a mock epic of Homer, successfully criticised the times he was living in claiming the 'Goddess of Dulness' is decaying Britain by bringing imbecility to it.  I would then go on to write my presentation comparing Coleridge's 2 publications of 'The Rime of the Ancyent Marinere'; one of which being post-Coleridge's conversion to Protestantism, hence placing the protagonist in the image of Jesus Christ through use of corrections and notes.  Aside from the undergraduate-level education I received, a great amount of daily excursions which one could choose from were made available such as punting down the River Cam, playing touch-rugby, day trips to London and Oxford as well as a talent show on one of the evenings for which I chose to sing. 

      The course ended too quickly, but I shall always treasure the lasting memories and the international friendships I made.  I would like to sincerely thank St Martin's College for this wonderful and unique learning opportunity.  The experience gave me a terrific taste of how I can shape my future if I give this year my all to ensure success in my Advanced level examinations next May. This truly was a once in a lifetime experience!

      Julienne Restall

    • Cambridge Immerse Scholarship Winner

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form - Cambridge scholarship winner
    • St Martin's College Sixth Form is pleased to announce the winner of its Cambridge Immerse Scholarship. The Scholarship was awarded to first-year student Julienne Restall, who was chosen for her academic achievements in the College's annual exams, attendance throughout the year, her letter of motivation, performance during the interview and exemplary school ethos.

      Julienne will be travelling to Cambridge in August to follow a two-week course in English Literature. The course covers various topics such as Literary Criticism, Periodisation, Editing, Eloquence and Literary Biography. Besides structured lectures, the programme also includes a number of interesting activities such as a day trip to London, formal dining in Cambridge's famous medieval banquet halls, a croquet tournament as well as a quintessential afternoon punting down the River Cam.

      "I am very excited about this unique opportunity," said Julienne. "I am looking forward to the very interesting course content, as well as meeting many different students from different countries. The Scholarship means a lot to me and I will make the most of every single day's experience."

      Congratulations Julienne!

      We look forward to hearing all about Julienne's learning in Cambridge.

    • End-of-year Celebration

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form - New extension
    • St Martin's College Sixth Form recently organised its annual end-of-year celebration. Throughout the evening, the College marked the end of the students' two-year programme of studies, and awarded special prizes and certificates to a number of students. This year, the ceremony was particularly significant since the College is celebrating its 10th year anniversary.

      Luke Calleja, Santana Bellerby and Valeriya Lakhtikova delivered the speeches on behalf of the students. They highlighted the significance of the event and explained the importance of the choices they will now have to face.

      Throughout his speech, Mr Anthony Abela, Senior Leader Sixth Form, focused on the various dimensions of success. He also underlined the value of the tailored learning opportunity that the College offers its students and referred to the various events, competitions and trips abroad that the students engaged in throughout the course of their studies.

      Ms Bernie Mizzi, Director of Chiswick House School and St Martin's College, presented certificates to all the students in the presence of their families, friends and College staff.

      Eight students received awards and certificates in recognition of outstanding efforts and achievements in particular areas, such as, self-discipline, independence and initiative. In order to be considered for an award, students had to be nominated by members of the academic staff. These awards were presented by Prof Gloria Lauri-Lucente, Deputy Dean Faculty of Arts and Head of the Department of Italian at the University of Malta.

      The recipients of this year's awards were:

      Award for Academic Excellence: Laura Demicoli, Francesca De Nova, Nicholas Dalli.

      Cooperation and Collaboration: Philip Ellul

      Independence and Initiative: Maxine Pace

      Self-Discipline: Sean Wismayer

      Leadership Qualities & Good Judgement: Ivana Kenovski

      Resilience, Perseverance & Tenacity: Antonio Polidano Vella

    • Charge Win Best Business Plan 

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form - New extension
    • St Martin's College Sixth Form is very proud to announce that CHARGE - a JAYE Company, made up of ten first year students, won the Best Business Plan competition and the Excellence in Quality Award. The team also placed 2nd overall. Well done Charge! 

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    • SMC Sixth Form participates in the Euroscola Event 

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form - New extension
    • Students attending St Martin's College Sixth Form recently participated in the Euroscola event in Strasbourg, France.  They were joined by over five hundred students from twenty-three countries of the European Union.

      The highlight of the Programme is a whole day spent at the European Parliament. Students took on the role of an MEP for the day and experienced debating different issues regarding the European Union.  They were also given the opportunity to pose questions to MEP Michael Cramer.

      The two students who presented Malta and St Martin's College were Mattea Giglio and Julienne Restall.  They addressed the students gathered in the European Parliament.  Their presentation gave a clear insight into various aspects of the Maltese Islands as well as an overview of what Malta has to offer visitors.

      Apart from the day they spent at the European Parliament, the group also visited the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights, where they were hosted by Chief Justice Dr Vincent De Gaetano.  Students were given a presentation about the Court and the types of cases that this Court deliberates on.

      The intensive programme was complemented by visits to places of interest in the city of Strasbourg.  Throughout the visit, St Martin's College Sixth Form students were accompanied by three of their lecturers, Ms Isabelle Caruana-Dingli, Ms Eleanor Abela and Mr Paul Portelli.

    • New Extension

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form - New extension
    • St Martin's College Sixth Form recently inaugurated a new extension at the College. The new building incorporates nine new fully-equipped classrooms and a common room for students that is over 300m2 in size. The facilities include a large lounge area, a working space, a kitchenette, a games room and gymnasium. During the inauguration, Ms Bernie Mizzi, Director, explained that the common room was designed based on the students' own recommendations. She said, 'We are very excited to have a new space where our students can learn, grow and stretch their skills, talents and competences.'

      The new extension will allow St Martin's College Sixth Form to meet the evolving needs of the College's community. Despite the rapidly growing student population, the College is committed to maintaining the small number of students in every class, with approximately 12 to 15 students per group. This College policy reflects the importance of class size as an important determinant of student outcomes.

    • Official 2016 MATSEC Results

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form - MATSEC results 2016
    • We are extremely proud to announce the official 2016 MATSEC results for Advanced and Intermediate levels, achieved by our Sixth Form students.

      Excellent results - Well done to all students and staff.

    • Science Trip to London

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form - Science Trip to London
    • St Martin's College Sixth Form recently organised a Science Trip to London. The 16 participating students visited the Science Museum, the Natural History Museum, Kew Botanical Gardens and the London Zoo.

      They were accompanied by Mr Mark Busuttil, Biology lecturer and Ms Rebecca Cassar, Environmental Science and Geography lecturer.

    • Cultural Trip to Malta

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form - Cultural trip to Malta
    • A group of students from Sct. Knuds Gymnasium in Odense, Denmark visited St Martin's College Sixth Form as part of their week-long cultural trip to Malta. The group joined our students for a number of classes including Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, Environmental Studies, English and History. The Danish students also enjoyed a presentation about Malta which was very ably delivered by Hannah Gonzi, Jihene Mallia, Megan Mallia and Daniel Vella. The visit provided students with an opportunity to share their educational experiences and to participate in an enriching intercultural event.

    • Talk by Ghaqda Studenti tal- Ligi

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form - Cultural trip to Malta
    • Ms Eleanor Borg Xuereb, a representative from Ghaqda Studenti Tal-Ligi (GHSL - The Law Students' Society which represents all law students within the Faculty of Laws), recently visited St Martin's College Sixth Form. Eleanor's role within the GHSL is to help incoming students to the Law course at the University of Malta. She spoke about the various career opportunities that those opting for this course will have and discussed some concerns that students may have about following the Law course. Being an ex-student of St Martin's College Sixth Form, Eleanor was easily able to explain the transition from sixth form to university.

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    • SMC Sports Fest

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form - Sports Fest
    • St Martin's College Sixth Form students recently took part in a sports festival.  Students took part in a number of sports activities together with a number of Level 11 students as well as staff.  The programme consisted of a number of races and football.  The aim of the event was to promote a positive experience of sport and physical activity, especially to those who might not be part of sports teams and clubs.

    • Young Enterprise

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form students
    • WELL DONE to our Young Enterprise team CHARGE for their excellent presentation yesterday, and for winning the award for best Christmas team photo. Thank you Ms Anna Cali for your support.

      Team members: Claire Agius, Kelly Azzopardi, Elle Camilleri, Kay Camilleri, Paige Faure, Kimberley Fenech, Julienne Restall, Michael Sjoberg, Nadja Solarevic and Ursula Zarb Camenzuli.

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    • Juvenes Translatores

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form students
    • SMC students taking Maltese at Advanced level, participated in the EU translation contest 'Juvenes Translatores'. This translation contest gave the students an opportunity to test their Maltese and English language skills and to try their hand at translation which is such a precious tool in our bilingual situation in Malta and in the multilingual European Union. The students were guided by their Maltese teacher, Ms Jacqueline Zammit.

    • Extreme Weather Talk and Film 

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form students
    • First and second year Geography Advanced and Intermediate students, accompanied by their lecturer Ms Rebecca Cassar, attended the European premier of the National Geographic documentary Extreme Weather at the Eden Cinemas. The event began with a short talk by University lecturer Ritienne Gauci (second from the the right in attached photograph) from the Department of Geography. Here she spoke about the hazards of global warming and extreme weather events in the Maltese Islands. The talk highlighted a number of issues discussed during class and was received well by both students and lecturer.

    • New Student Council

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form students
    • A new student council has just been elected at St Martin's College Sixth Form. Congratulations to Luke Calleja, Jessica Chappell, Julia Mangion, Ben Grech and David Chetcuti Dimech.

      We are looking forward to another fruitful year full of activities. We are sure that the students' council will yet again give a positive contribution to student life and the College.

    • Ice Breaking Activity

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form - Ice Breaking Activity
    • A group of over a hundred first-year students attending St Martin's College Sixth Form, recently participated in an 'Ice Breaking Day' which was organised to welcome the new cohort of students.  The event consisted of team-building activities which were held at Mistra Bay, during which the students had the opportunity to get to know each other better before starting their formal lectures.  Besides a number of activities which kept students engaged in their teams, the main task of the day was for each team to build a raft from barrels, wooden posts and rope.  The students launched the rafts and tested their sea-worthiness.  After an eventful morning, all the students enjoyed a tasty BBQ to round off the day's activities.  

    • Welcome Evening

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form students
    • St Martin's College Sixth Form recently organised a Welcome Evening for the new first-year students and their parents.

      Mr Anthony Abela, Senior Leader Sixth Form, welcomed the students.  In his speech, Mr Abela stressed the importance of the two years at sixth form as a time of transition to independence and added responsibility. The students and their parents also had the opportunity to meet members of the sixth form staff.

    • Trip to Transylvania, Romania

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form students
    • Five students attending St Martin's College Sixth Form, recently spent a fortnight in Transylvania carrying out biodiversity surveys and collecting data from forests, meadows and grasslands with the purpose of aiding the local communities. 

      The expedition was a unique opportunity to practice active citizenship as part of a larger group of volunteers assisting highly professional scientists in their surveys.  These annual expeditions are organised by Operation Wallacea (Opwall), an organisation that runs biological and conservation management research programmes in remote locations across the world.  The students visited Messendorf and Viscri, two remote Saxon villages situated within the Tarnave Mare Natura 2000 region.  They were accompanied by one of their Systems of Knowledge lecturers, Ms Rita Gatt.

      For further information about expeditions running in 2017, please contact Ms Rita Gatt -

    • Open Evening

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form students
    • Another successful open evening was recently held. Prospective students and their parents were able to meet up with lecturers and our Career Path Adviser to enquire about subject choices. For further information on our Sixth Form kindly email