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    • Marketing Outing

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form - Sports Fest
    • A group of second year students studying Marketing at Advanced level visited General Soft Drinks Ltd for a World of Coca-Cola tour. Students had the opportunity to observe the production and packaging processes as well as discuss marketing strategies with Mr Thomas Schmidt, the company's Trade Marketing Manager. The visit provided an ideal opportunity for experiential learning where the students' learning was determined by the actively-engaged learners themselves as well as the stimulating context.

    • Induction Day

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form students
    • Induction Day was recently organised for all students starting their course of studies at St Martin's College Sixth Form. The day's activities centred around facilitating every student's successful transition to sixth form. Students had an opportunity to get to know other students and staff, become more familiar with academic processes and the College environment, as well as learn more about extra curricular activities and involvement opportunities that would further enhance their College experience.

    • 10th Anniversary Celebrations

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form students
    • As part of St Martin's College Sixth Form's 10th Anniversary celebrations, sixth form students marked the special occasion with a mid-morning party during their lunch break. The party was held in the Common Room of the College, allowing first-year and second-year students to celebrate together in a relaxed and informal setting, as well as enjoy a delicious lunch.

      St Martin's College Sixth Form is proud to be celebrating ten years of growth, innovation and inspirational learning.

    • Ice Breaking Activity

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form - Ice Breaking Activity
    • A group of over a hundred first-year students attending St Martin's College Sixth Form, recently participated in an 'Ice Breaking Day' which was organised to welcome the new students. The event consisted of team-building activities which were held at Mistra Bay, during which the students had the opportunity to get to know each other better before starting their formal lectures. Besides a number of activities which kept students engaged in their teams, the main task of the day was for each team to build a raft from barrels, wooden posts and rope. The students launched the rafts and nervously tested their sea-worthiness. After an eventful morning, all the students enjoyed a tasty BBQ to round off the day's activities.

    • Welcome Evening

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form students
    • St Martin's College Sixth Form recently organised a Welcome Evening for over one hundred first-year students and their parents.

      Mr Anthony Abela, Senior Leader Sixth Form, welcomed the students. In his speech, Mr Abela stressed the importance of hard work and grit throughout the two years at sixth form to ensure long-term success. The students and their parents were also addressed by Ms Julienne Restall, a second-year student. Ms Restall explained the importance of active participation in extra curricular activities and outlined her own experiences in the Junior Achievement Young Enterprise, her participation in the Euroscola programme in Strasbourg, the forthcoming school trip to Helsinki, Finland, as well as the Cambridge Immerse programme in the UK. Ms Restall participated in this programme as a result of a scholarship she was awarded by St Martin's College Sixth Form.

      Throughout the evening, the students and their parents also had the opportunity to meet members of the sixth form staff.

    • Open Evening

    • St Martin's College Sixth Form students
    • Another successful open evening was recently held. Prospective students and their parents were able to meet up with lecturers and our Career Path Adviser to enquire about subject choices. For further information on our Sixth Form kindly email