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    • CHS Library

    • Re-organisation of Chiswick House School Library started in September 2009 and to date there are over 6,000 classified and catalogued books. 

      The library provides a welcoming environment that aims to attract young children to books from an early age and inculcate a love of reading. The collection consists mainly of books of fiction.  There is also a Reference section, a small non-fiction section and a section of Teachers' Resources. The Dewey Decimal Classification system is used to classify the reference and non-fiction books. The fiction collection is colour coded as a broad guide for children to find their suitable reading level.  

      The Library is open during school break three days a week  for Levels 3, 4 and 5 pupils. Children may also use the library during class times at the discretion of their teachers. 

      Library classes are held to ensure that students feel confident in using their school library. The Level 3s are given an introduction to the library at the beginning of the scholastic year to provide a broad idea on library use. Other classes are given to all three levels and these either focus on an author or book genre or on a selection of books suited to the level of readers. 

      The school welcomes authors' visits to the school:  this has been an annual event for the past few years. Pupils have the opportunity to meet an author who speaks to them about his/her works. The children may also buy the books and have them signed. Before the visit,  Library classes are organised to introduce the particular author and his books to the children.

      New books are purchased every scholastic year.