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    • SMC Library

    • The Library and Learning Resource Centre provides a welcoming and vibrant environment for a variety of study, teaching and learning strategies for students and staff at St Martin's College. It is physically divided into three sections, namely the multi-media area, the reading room and the reference and sixth form section. The collection, currently totalling to over 15,500 resources, is divided into fiction, non-fiction, reference, Melitensia, sixth form, teachers' resources, magazines and audio-visual categories. 
      The library is open during school hours throughout the scholastic year and during specific periods in the summer holidays. Books are purchased on a regular basis and entered into the library database. The catalogue is fully automated as is the circulation system. New books are promoted on the school notice boards. Book borrowing statistics are very positive and on a constant increase. Apart from borrowing books, students use the library's peaceful environment at break time to read, study, conduct research and carry out group work. Computers are available for study related purposes. Photocopying and printing facilities are also available.
      As a learning resource centre and information hub, the library service goes beyond book circulation. The main reading room is used for research sessions especially during history, CCC and ACCS lessons. Students are taught how to research secondary sources in both print and electronic format. The multi-media area is equipped with a smart-board and a wide-screen TV and provides a welcoming interactive learning environment. Educational, cultural and informative activities are held regularly and include Professional Learning meetings for teachers, Parents Participation Programmes, students' skills sessions, meetings with authors, exhibitions, research and much more. Activities are also organised for Libraries Day in December and World Book and Copyright Day in April. Parents and students are kept updated on library news and events through the school newsletter, website and MySchool.
      Teachers book the multi-media area for lessons. The librarian acquires and circulates inspection copies of books and other resources among subject teachers and makes sure that they are aware of any new reference material purchased by the library. There is an area for teachers' resources in the library and material is issued for use in classrooms or by the various departments.
      At the start of the scholastic year library orientation lessons are organised for Level 6 students to help them become confident in using the different sections of the library. During the year these students attend weekly library lessons during which they are introduced to established children's authors and different reading genres. Students fill in handouts and learn to sift through the vast amount of information available from different sources. This constitutes an informal approach to teaching information literacy to younger students, a very important skill for the 21st century learner. A more formal approach is undertaken in collaboration with teachers where older students carry out project oriented research in the library.
      In 2003 and 2010 the Library and Learning Resource Centre was awarded the 'School Library of the Year' title by the Schools Library Service of the Student Services Department within the Directorate for Educational Services. In 2009 it won the 'School Librarian of the Year' award.