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    • Junior School Programme

    • In Levels 3 to 5, the school follows a well resourced, broad-based curriculum. 

      The areas of learning for all classes include: 
      Humanities (History, Geography and Environmental Studies), 
      Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)
      Digital Literacy 
      Art, Music, Physical Education and Drama  

      *International pupils who decide not to follow the Maltese course, have the option, against payment, of taking up lessons in another language instead. For further information kindly email

      **The school offers a Virtue and Ethics Education Programme as an option instead of Religious Education. Further information about this programme is available in the sections below.

      In Level 5, learners are also exposed to four international languages through our multilingual and multicultural 'Language Alive Programme' (LAP). Learners are introduced to French, German, Italian and Spanish. Each of these languages is given one lesson a week, for a period of 7 weeks. Languages are taught on a rotational basis. Through the Language Alive Programme, learners gain a basic knowledge of each of these languages and explore cultural elements that are of interest to nine and ten year olds.

      Furthermore, in Level 3, 4 and 5 learners continue to attend the DEC (Discover - Express - Create) Programme. This weekly programme enables learners to acquire a taste of different disciplines and participate in a number of activities such as Lego Education, Gymnastics, Swimming, Team Games and 'Explore'. 

      The weighting of the various areas of study is planned according to the learners' level of development, age and concentration span. Interesting and relevant educational excursions also enhance our programme.

      At Chiswick House School, we provide all the books, stationery, computers and educational apparatus required.
      The programme is part of a dynamic and on-going process, continuously planned, monitored and evaluated, aiming at effectiveness and validity.

      For more information about our programme kindly email