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    • Support Services

    • If a teacher feels that a child may be struggling in class - academically or emotionally - they will refer the child to the Pastoral Care Team who contact the parents so that a plan of action is drawn up. The approach is child-centred and works around supporting the child as well as the child's family. Parents may be referred for professional assessments or to seek other such services.

      The school offers an Alternative Learning Programme (ALP) between the years of Early Years 3/Level 1 and Level 11. This programme aims at supporting pupils with literacy and other academic difficulties. These professionals work closely with the class teachers/subject teachers to make academic material accessible to the pupils and to ease the pathway towards learning.  

      A school counsellor is also available and works closely with teachers and pupils alike.  The counselling department is involved in the Pastoral Care Team as well as the SEL Programme (Social & Emotional Learning).  

      Parents are welcome to contact the school if they are concerned about any aspect of their child's developmental progress. Parents are also welcome to seek their own support services and we are willing to work with any professional of the parents' choice.