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    • Senior School Programme

    • The Senior School Programme prepares all students for further education, provides Career Guidance and addresses the development of personal, social, and emotional intelligence through a comprehensive PSHE Programme. 

      The Compulsory Programmes of Study

      Art and Design, English, English Literature, French or Italian or German **, ICT - Information & Communication Technology, Maltese (including Maltese Literature)*/CCC*, Mathematics, PSHE - Personal, Social and Health Education, Physical Education, Religious Education/Virtue & Ethics Education.

      * International students may opt out of this programme of study - Students who are particularly weak in English may be asked to follow an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) course during some of these lessons. Otherwise they may choose to take Spanish or EFL.
      ** Language chosen in Level 7.

      The Optional Programme of Study 

      At St Martin's College our aim is to keep the choices available to our students as broad as possible. While we allow students to choose three subjects freely, guidance is given so that subjects are chosen with a view to maximising access to future career choices.  In order to ensure such access one of these subjects must either be Biology or Physics.

      Whilst we will do our utmost to take on board all choices, as always final decisions will be subject to, subscription, timetabling and class-size considerations.

      Kindly note the following guidelines: 

      1. There are three options to be chosen, each with a provision of four lessons per week

      2. One of these options must be either Biology or Physics.

      3. Students may then choose two further option subjects from the list of subjects below: 
      Accounting, Art, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Studies, Economics, Environmental Studies, French, Geography, German, Graphical Communication, History, Italian, Physical Education, Physics.

      4. The international languages French, German and Italian in the list above are in addition to the languages that students have already been taking since Level 7.

      5. Students in the ALP programme are given special programme combinations and ad hoc specific cases are considered, subject to timetable possibilities.

      For more information about our programme kindly email