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    • Admission Requirements
      To follow the full programme of studies applicants should be in possession of at least six passes (grades 1 to 5) at SEC or Edexcel/London Ordinary level or equivalent.

      In order to apply for a subject at Advanced Level it is strongly advisable to have obtained a minimum of Grade 3/B at Ordinary level, while a Grade 5/C is necessary to follow a subject at Intermediate level. An Ordinary level pass is not required for Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, Marketing and Environmental Science. 

      Registration for Admission
      Applicants must submit their preferred choice of subjects. Every effort will be made to offer the subjects chosen. However, should the College choose not to offer any of the subjects in that preference, the closest combination of subjects will be offered. Applicants are offered career guidance by the College. 
      Applications will be considered subject to availability.

      Students wishing to continue their studies at the University of Malta must consider special entry requirements stipulated by specific courses and follow the Matsec Certificate Course. Students wishing to study in the UK may opt for a 3 Advanced level, 1 Intermediate level programme.

      Documents Required on Registration
      • A copy of both sides of the student's and parents' ID Cards 
      • A copy of the School Leaving Certificate 
      • A copy of the SEC and/or O' level results
      • A copy of the student's birth certificate
      • A passport size photo

      For further information about our Sixth Form kindly contact Anthony Abela, Senior Leader at Sixth Form, on 2134 5146 or email