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    • Introduction

      In 2007 St Martin's College inaugurated a modern, new Sixth Form in the belief that there was a niche for a high-quality College offering a pre-University education focused on intense teaching in small groups.

      The Sixth Form is now a success story, with tailored guidance offered to students who are encouraged to choose a combination of subjects that best suits their personal abilities and ambitions. Individual attention is guaranteed as groups are kept small.

      While the majority of students follow the MATSEC certification course which prepares students for entry to the University of Malta, as well as enabling them to apply for universities abroad, they are also allowed to select combinations of subjects depending on the institution of higher education they might be hoping to join. St Martin's College is registered with UCAS, so that students may apply online to UK universities through the college. The progress of each application can then be monitored through its various stages.

      Apart from the academic programme, students are encouraged to participate in a number of activities such as Young Enterprise, Public Speaking Academy, Debating Academy and EuroScola. These activities are an integral component of the St Martin's College Sixth Form programme.

      Why St Martin's College?

      With a strong track-record at Junior/Middle and Senior school levels, St Martin's College is the obvious choice for students who have been in the Independent Sector throughout their schooling. It is also an excellent choice for students who have been in the State/Church School Sector and who wish to experience the standards and innovative practices at St Martin's College. Our greatest strength lies in the excellent quality of our staff and in the caring approach that ensures that the students at Sixth Form level will get individualised attention. The courses being proposed offer students a variety of subject combinations which will allow entry into practically all courses at the University of Malta. The English-speaking environment allows students to perfect their speaking and listening skills in this essential, global language.

      General Information

      Calendar/Contact Hours
      The Sixth Form programme runs on a 3-term, 5-day week schedule. The programme starts in October and ends In June, with Christmas, Easter and mid-term holidays. 

      Each lecture is of 40 minutes duration. Students are expected to attend all lectures and activities that form part of their academic programme.

      Dress Code
      There is no uniform at Sixth Form level however, students are expected to come to College appropriately dressed.

      At St Martin's College Sixth Form eligible students can apply for their Maintenance Grant (Stipend) in the same way as students attending other Sixth Forms.

      Premises and Resources
      The Sixth Form premises has been planned to offer a spacious and working environment for students and lecturers. The Sixth Form is very well resourced. There are computers with Internet access and projection facilities in the lecture rooms, common room, art rooms, library and computer rooms.

      For further information about our Sixth Form kindly contact Anthony Abela, Senior Leader at Sixth Form, on 2134 5146 or email 

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